How to have fun organizing your environment

How to have fun organizing your environment

28 June 2023

Good Day,

Today we are going to talk about becoming more organized in maintaining our Healthy Environments.  We hope you will have some fun with the family and enjoy being more organized. 

The Nightly Pick Up:

Make a game of it.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and give each family member a basket or box and have everyone go around and pick up anything that needs to be put away.  The person who picks up the most gets to stay up a few extra minutes.  Works great with children and can offer a few laughs with the family.

Picking things up and putting things back in their place before going to bed is an excellent way to get your kids and family involved. We all have bedtime routines (brush our teeth, get into PJs, lock the front door) so adding picking up to the routine makes it much easier. Also waking up every day to a straightened-up house will do wonders for your personal health too.

Vacuum the carpets.

We all have tile, right? But we also have those area rugs here and there. Take time each week to vacuum out the sand, dust, and dirt. Putting this on your weekly schedule will make all the difference.  Have the family help here too.  

Dust with the right tools.

Invest in some microfiber cloths and a high dusting extension pole. Your dusting will fly by, and your health will improve. Dust allergens cause more sneezing than any other irritant.  Maybe your family can play a game of the dirtiest microfiber towel wins?

Sanitize the toilet.

Your toilet can make you sick. Give yourself a healthy boost and sanitize your toilet at least once a day. Daily use Hard Surface wipes on the handle and seat, but once a week give your toilet a healthy disinfecting inside and out.

Attack the soap scum.

There is nothing worse than entering the shower to realize the walls, tub, and/or curtain are covered in soap scum. Decide to attack the soap scum and never feel gross in the morning again.  A window squeegee does a good job helping to remove excess moisture from your shower area.

Change the bed.

Washing your linens will make your sleeping time so luxurious. Sending your bedding through a super-hot washing once a week will give you a healthy night’s sleep and a peaceful morning.  Boil some water to add to the washing machine for added heat.

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